MVIS Sponsorship

The Missouri Valley Impressionist Society (MVIS) is an organization that helps enhance and promote Impressionism throughout the Missouri River Valley Region. One way of fulfilling this mission is by sponsoring events. These events include; paint outs, studio sessions, workshops, painting demonstrations, exhibitions, and plein air painting competitions. The MVIS organization is unable to offer sponsorship through financial support, however - the organization is capable of offering free advertising (promotional support) by utilizing its own network. This network is made up of artists (your target market) and other organizations linked to the MVIS organization. Call for Artists, invites, and information about events are shared throughout the network with a series of newsletters and emails to MVIS members, website listings, and postings on social media where members and friends can see. Occasionally printed material on upcoming events are passed out to participants at current events.

  • For an individual artist to receive MVIS sponsorship for any event, the artist must be a current member of the MVIS. 

  • Artists teaching workshops must be current MVIS members to recieve sponsorship.
  • If another organization is hosting the event, the MVIS can still act as promotional sponsor.
  • Events must be in relation to the MVIS mission to be considered. These include and are limited to; paint outs/studio sessions, workshops, demos, and plein air painting competitions.

  • ​Worshops by our members may be anywhere in the U.S.

  • ​Plein air painting competitions must be within our region.
  • Like all sponsorships, the MVIS requests all organizations and artists to show the same courtesy by including the MVIS name or logo in their list of sponsors. All sponsored events are tagged ​  “Sponsored in part by the Missouri Valley Impressionist Society.”

Promotional sponsorship heightens visibility.
Exposure is key in getting artists interested and to participate. The MVIS has the resources to reach those like-minded artists nationwide. 

​Brent Seevers
​Marketing & PR Director