Master Status is reserved for members within the Missouri River Valley Region that are in good standing, paint in an Impressionistic style and demonstrate a high level of professionalism in their work, are leaders in the art community, and are passionate enough to give back to the society and/or region by sharing their knowledge and skills.  Master Status is the highest honor within the MVIS and is bestowed only by the Founders and/or Directors of the society.
After the tenth year, the MVIS will be able to convene a Master Status Review each year to evaluate potential members who may qualify for Master Membership.  This honor is given by invitation only.
Honoree's may forthwith begin using MVIS-M behind their name---and would be encouraged to do so.

​Events for Master Status members are coordinated by the Signature Membership Committee.

Master Status was developed by Brent Seevers, MVIS.

Currently there are no members with Master Status.
​Nominations will not be made until after the MVIS organization's tenth year.