Winning Entries
​MVIS 7th Annual Juried Art Show

  1. Managing Director
    BEST OF SHOW, watercolor by Richard Sneary
  2. Managing Director
    Tracks in the Snow
    SECOND PLACE, pastel by Cris Chapin
  3. Managing Director
    The Jewel of the Niangua
    AWARD OF AMERIT, oil by Larry DeGraff
  4. Managing Director
    Snowy Afternoon
    AWARD OF MERIT, oil by Daniel Fishback
  5. Managing Director
    I Feel Pretty
    AWARD OF MERIT, oil/duct tape by Monica Maxwell
  6. Managing Director
    Dust in the Wind
    THIRD PLACE, oil by John Thein
  7. Managing Director
    Can I Have This Dance
    AWARD OF MERIT, oil by Katrina Methot-Swanson

This year's winners of the MVIS 7th Annual Juried Art Show

BEST OF SHOW, Richard Sneary | SECOND PLACE, Cris Chapin | THIRD PLACE, John Thein
​AWARD OF MERITS, Daniel Fishback, Katrina Methot-Swanson, Larry DeGraff, Monica Maxwell